Branding CAN be where you wrestle a steer to the ground and burn the critter with a hot iron depicting your logo. But that’s not what I’m referring to here. Well maybe a little.

The idea is to leave a lasting impression, a memorable image that can be easily recognized or remembered when needed. For instance, if you have a logo and certain colors or a style on your business card, use it consistently in EVERYTHING you do. What I call corporate image materials – letterhead, envelopes, forms, etc. Then take it to the next level…signs, both window if you have a storefront, and auto. Cars and trucks are incredible advertising opportunities, and relatively inexpensive. I have one client who has two trucks. After a couple years, everyone thought he had a FLEET of trucks, just because they saw him with the big logo down the side wherever he would drive throughout the community. You get the picture, or rather they did. He literally “burned” his logo, branding it into their memories.

Branding effectively also means you have to be strict about your logo and your company’s appearance, everywhere. Establish the look and use it without fail in everything from newspaper and magazine ads to your website. And for crying out loud, make sure that whenever your logo or an ad appears, it is NOT distorted to make it fit a specific space!! If the graphics person with a publication tries to do so, RIP THEIR FACE OFF! To me that is unconscionable and the epitome of ineptitude, blah, blah, blah. Basically it’s unforgivable, unless they give you the same thing or better, again, for FREE (obviously corrected and not distorted the next time). You must guard your image!

Back to branding… do what I say and before you know it, your potential clients will recognize you. They will know your name and what you do. And THAT’S what you want – for when they need your service, you want them to immediately think of YOU!

Success to you!

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