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Branding CAN be where you wrestle a steer to the ground and burn the critter with a hot iron depicting your logo. But that's not what I'm referring to here. Well maybe a little. The idea is to leave a lasting impression, a memorable image that can be easily recognized...

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The telephone is most often the first contact we have with potential clients. What do you do when you're not available? We all know that voicemail is the new "receptionist" and almost always the first opportunity you have to make an impression with a potential client....

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Twitter twitter…

No I'm not snickering. To Twitter or not to Twitter. Boy. That's a question alright. Frankly, I detest social media, but then I'm old-school. HOWEVER, it is ESSENTIAL to businesses now. Don't know anything about it or how to use it? FIND someone who does and get...

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Business Cards

Business cards are one of the least expensive ways to get your name out there. Every time you pull out a business card, pull out 3. Tell the person you're giving them to: "Here's one for you and two more in case you know someone else who may need my product/services."...

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