Business cards are one of the least expensive ways to get your name out there. Every time you pull out a business card, pull out 3. Tell the person you’re giving them to: “Here’s one for you and two more in case you know someone else who may need my product/services.” Talk about instant networking!

And don’t be afraid to make use of friends and family. Hey why not use the ones who care! Give them each a handful of your business cards. You NEVER KNOW when someone is going to meet that golden goose of a client. Your sister could be at the beauty shop (where you’d never be caught dead), and she could very well have a great conversation with the cosmetologist who also happens to be the fiance of a dentist that needs a new billing system……and you are a medical/dental billing company!! See what I mean?

I found myself completely without business cards last week…when someone asked me for some. To me that’s unforgivable and extremely irresponsible. Needless to say, I’ve been hauling around about a hundred in my pockets and purse for over a week now. I’ve only used about 6 but better too many than NONE. I have them on me, in my car, in the cabinet by door (for when I’m running out the door), literally everywhere I can think of to make sure I have those little networking gems always available.

So happy glad-handing and success to you!