Don’t be alarmed! They’re not propositioning you. When it comes to the placement of your ad in a print publication, position actually does matter. Some experts debate how MUCH of an advantage certain positions give, but the fact is there definitely is one.

First of all you need to know that people have fairly standard reading patterns: Left to right, top to bottom. Think about the way you hold your newspaper or magazine open while reading. Just pick one up and try this. The top inside of the left page isn’t so hot is it? But, wow! The top right of the right page is excellent. So is the bottom right of the right page. I have to warn you though, specifying positioning of your ad may cost more. But it’s worth it to at least ask for it if possible because they’ll usually do it.

Next, here’s what you’re going to want to ask for, in this order:
Top Right, Right Page
Bottom Right, Right Page
Top Left, Left Page
Bottom Left, Left Page
This all applies to ads in the center of the publication in which you’re advertising.

For the absolute best positioning, consider forking over the bucks for a back cover. Most people pick up a magazine or newspaper, hold it up and look at the front, flip it for a look at the back, THEN open it to read. Also consider the way magazines at your doctor’s office are laying all over the table. Same in people’s homes. Chances are 50/50 it could be laying on its face and your ad on the back cover is glaring at them.

Not quite as expensive as the back cover but still premium positions are inside front and inside back covers. I can keep blithering here but one additional position is page 3. That’s the first right-hand page after you open the cover.

In my next post I’ll address what section of a newspaper your ad should appear in. It’s not always as obvious as you think!

Questions? Shoot me a note and I’ll be happy to answer to the best of my ability.

So get in the best position possible and success to you!

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