One of the things that can make you look bad to potential clients is an outdated voicemail message. As I mentioned in a previous post, your voicemail message is sometimes the very first contact a person has with you and your company. So make it professional and inviting.

I bring up mistakes because I just had the occasion to encounter one such mistake when I made a call to a vendor I use. It said that he would be out of town from April XX to April XX, and that he would return calls when he got back. That wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t the end of June. I mean really? I know I forget things just like the next guy. But please. At least if you’re going to put an out of town message on your voicemail, re-record a new one immediately upon your return.

Enough said. Don’t look lazy or stupid to potential clients. And remember, change it up a bit too!

Here’s to not hearing inane voices! Success to you!

Kathy Wells