If you’re having visions of a WWE SMACKDOWN, relax. No don’t relax, pay attention here.

There’s no need to dress up like your favorite Superstar (CM Punk when he’s dressed like Satan?) or Diva (Beth Phoenix?) and start screaming for blood, but there IS a need for you to consider the value of paid advertising versus published articles, either in print or online. As a business owner, you need to consider that while paid advertising is always worthwhile in that you have control over when, where and how much you get your name out there, there’s also immense value in the credibility of an article published in a well-read newspaper, magazine or e-zine.

Let’s face it, everyone knows that ads are paid for by the advertiser. That, in and of itself, speaks to claims and promises, not necessarily truth. What I mean is that when someone reads an article about you and/or your company, it typically signifies a reporter/writer has obtained FACTUAL information, done some research, and put together a profile or story that speaks the truth. While you can never believe everything you read, we still believe that for the most part, articles are based on fact. Keeping that in mind, it’s the article’s basis in fact that convinces the reader to consider and even buy your product or service. It lends CREDIBILITY. To you, your business, your product or service.

So the end result of this face-off between paid advertising and PR is that neither one wins all by itself. But you really NEED to not forget articles and press for your company. It is essential to balanced, effective marketing. If you can’t write an unbiased, factual article that offers value to the reader and enlightens them to your company’s offerings, then solicit one from a publication appropriate to you. If you don’t know how, call me. If you don’t want me, find someone else knowledgeable in public relations. Just do it. You’ll have the Champion of Tag Teams!

Smack the competition and success to you!