No I’m not snickering. To Twitter or not to Twitter. Boy. That’s a question alright.

Frankly, I detest social media, but then I’m old-school. HOWEVER, it is ESSENTIAL to businesses now.

Don’t know anything about it or how to use it? FIND someone who does and get going. Now Twitter for business is okay. But puh-lease. Don’t hook up with people who report every time they take a break, or feed the kids, or go to the bathroom. Keep it professional affiliations ONLY.

As a full service advertising agency and public relations firm, it is MY JOB to know this stuff. Therefore, I make sure I know people who know this stuff. I can get you set up with the basics. If you can’t or don’t want to maintain it yourself, we have local businesses that are well-versed in the entire process and offer not only set up but maintenance of your social media. I’ll be happy to refer you to any one of these companies or individuals to make sure you get what you need.

Do try to keep it as simple and applicable to your business as possible. I confess that my own business is sorely lacking in this department. I maintain hope that I will one day get on the bandwagon and get it all set up properly. Rest assured I will not be doing it myself though. Again, it’s important to know your limitations and I most certainly do. I know when to surround myself with individuals who each have something valuable to contribute in the way of talent, knowledge and experience. So be sure to get “Social” but do so with someone you trust!

I recommend: Linked In, Facebook for business, Twitter, Google+. Success to you!