The telephone is most often the first contact we have with potential clients. What do you do when you’re not available? We all know that voicemail is the new “receptionist” and almost always the first opportunity you have to make an impression with a potential client. Make it a good one.

When you record your voicemail, if at all possible, do it yourself. And make it a worthwhile experience for that client. Got a special going on? Mention it briefly then ask the party to leave their contact information and message. Try not to make it a 10 minute voicemail recording or they’ll never stay on the line long enough to leave you a message. I hung up on one only a week ago. Couldn’t believe they kept going on and on and on. You get the picture.

I must confess to getting lax with my own recordings. I used to do a different one each month on both my business land line and cell phone. I’d give a piece of advice like I’m doing here. Well I haven’t done it for sometime now, but writing this has inspired me to do so once again. Believe it or not, I received many comments and compliments on my recordings. They made a memorable impression. And what’s the first thing any business wants to do? MAKE AN IMPRESSION.

So have fun and success to you!