Well if you’re in business, I HOPE SO!!

Signs are so important to any business, whether you have a storefront or not. What? You think because you don’t have a building or office outside the home you don’t need signs? WRONG!

Let’s talk about what I consider to be signs – we’ll start with a little list:

Building Signs – outside on the property, on the building, etc.
Window Perf on your office or building windows
A-Frames – portable to put out near the street if you’re in a crammed, hard-to-find spot (or on your person if you’re so inclined)
Vehicle Signs – magnetics, vinyl wraps, window perf on the windows
Bus benches – depending on where you live, there are entire transportation advertising programs available
Taxi Signs, bus signs
Banners and Flags

All are very important and help to get your business name out there and recognized – there’s that BRANDING thing again. Obviously you do what you can with what you have available. Let’s pick one that everyone can use: Vehicle signage.

Regardless the kind of business, your vehicle can be a great advertising medium. Whether you’re a professional type business and use a discreet but readable print with your name and phone number, or a service company with your logo and everything you do plastered down the sides and back of the van or car, use your car to advertise. Now granted I don’t think I’ve seen too many attorneys or doctors driving down the road with giant scales of justice or caduseus on their favorite vehicle, but you get my point. If it’s possible without looking like an ambulance chaser, then do it.

Their are pros and cons to vinyl wraps. They look awesome and are attention-getting. But you’d better plan on driving that vehicle till the wheels fall off, because with our Arizona sun, you are going to have a problem with resale after removing it. I think magnetics are never big enough, but then I’m pretty blind. But they work! I love window perf. It’s the stuff you can get, full color, with tiny holes so you can see out, but people only see your logo, phone and whatever else you want to tell them. Back window and rear side windows are good locations. And hey, don’t forget wheel covers for those of you have big ones on the back of your Jeep or whatever. Another great space to plaster your name and/or logo and phone number.

Sandwich signs may seem old-fashioned, but they’re still being used. I mean how many people have you seen standing by the street dressed like Lady Liberty or offering up pizza lately? I’ve seen them with my own two eyes, and though I started laughing while driving (I know, it’s a scary thought), I remembered them didn’t I?

Questions about any of the other forms of signage? Contact me and I’ll be happy to help.

May your signs be everywhere…Success to you!